Roland 1 - producent regałów sklepowych i wyposażenia sklepów

Roland 1 - manufacturer of store equipment

Custom furniture / store shelving

Since 1994. Roland 1 specializes in manufacturing store fixtures for large- and small-format stores. We produce system store furniture made of metal, including, among others. store system shelves made of metal and wire, high quality
galvanized store wire baskets
, garbage cans, store gondolas (gondola racks) hangers, display ra cks and other baskets, shopping carts, and custom-made metal racks. Are you looking for proven product display systems or a contractor for an unusual order? We invite you to visit our headquarters in Brzzy and contact Roland 1.

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Producent wyposażenie sklepów Roland 1

Production of metal store shelving, carts, wire baskets

System store furniture made of metal and high-quality wire from a manufacturer with 29 years of experience with a well-equipped and constantly expanded machinery park.

Roland1, as an experienced manufacturer of store equipment, including a manufacturer of metal shelving, offers its partners a full range of store shelving for professional, convenient and durable equipment for stores and other retail and storage areas.

We manufacture mesh racks, cantilever ra cks and all other customized store furniture according to the individual preferences and needs of our customers.

Your store shelving manufacturer

Roland 1 is an innovative, proven and convenient solution for your business!

From having the right store fixtures to ensuring that your products are properly displayed, choosing the right store shelving manufacturer can make all the difference in running your business. Why should you pay attention to our proposals?

  • We are a manufacturer with many years of experience, specializing in creating display racks, baskets and other wire store furniture. With our full design, manufacturing and logistics base, we can provide comprehensive store equipment and promotional support for sales. We are one of the few companies on the Polish market with this degree of specialization.
  • Our wide selection of products ranges from traditional metal store shelving to modern display systems. Working with us, customers can choose from a variety of products, from simple shelving structures to advanced advertising displays or display walls. All of our products are stable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing the perfect presentation of your products.
  • Our display systems are characterized by modularity and ease of assembly and disassembly.
Producent regałów systemowych i wyposażenia sklepów

Customer Reviews

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Ireneusz Janowski
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Over the years, we have made hundreds of individual designs for metal system store furniture for clients in various industries. We have powerful know-how in the practical use of our technologies, built on many years of experience, so already at the design stage we suggest optimal solutions to our customers and provide technical advice.

If you are looking for a trusted partner in the field of metal shelving production that will not only complete your order on time and according to the project, but also help you avoid design errors or unnecessary costs, we are at your service

All processes in our company are automated, using world-leading technologies. The machines we have at our disposal allow us to make virtually anything the customer needs out of metal and wire. Digital CNC methods for sheet metal and wire forming, 3D laser cutting, welding with robotic welding stations and multi-point stencil wel ders provide us with special opportunities.

Modern powder paint shop, furnace with the ability to paint up to 10 mb. not only paints, but also protects products from corrosion. All this ensures that you receive a product of the highest quality.

  • We have products for stores representing the most diverse industries – from DIY stores to drugstores or perfume stores.
  • Our racks and display stands are available in a variety of configurations and styles, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their needs.
  • We care about innovation and follow the latest trends in store interior design.
  • Our systems are characterized by modularity. We make sure that our products not only present goods well, but also are easy to use and operate.
  • Our assortment is ideally suited to the needs of both large markets and smaller outlets. For small stores, we have a range of shelving and system store furniture that is easy to assemble and suitable for limited space. We also offer excellent gitterboxes (boxes) – both for the store and for the warehouse.
  • Many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, as well as the constant pursuit of excellence, make us a leader in the industry.
Cięcie laserem w Roland 1

Modern machinery

We focus on continuous development, constantly investing in the latest technologies, resulting in a modern, complete machinery park – the hallmark of our company. In addition to manufacturing store fixtures, we also offer:

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We produce your ideas

We provide professional services:
multi-point stencil welding
TIG and MIG welding of metal products
with the use of an advanced welding robot, coating by electrostatic method (in a wide range of colors), laser cutting of metal,
cutting and bending of tubes and profiles
, wire drawing and straightening, as well as extrusion of high volume parts on
eccentric presses

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Store furniture that boosts sales

As a manufacturer of store equipment, Roland 1 specializes in the production of store shelving and other metal store fixtures for large- and small-format stores. We produce market recognized: store system racks , high-quality galvanized store wire baskets(hoppers and adjustable baskets), store gondolas(gondola racks), cantilever racks and other baskets, metal racks and store accessories manufactured to your order. 

Optimize your profits with our system racks!

Our system racks are designed with the needs of modern business in mind, allowing flexible configuration and easy adaptation to changing conditions. This allows you to optimize the layout of your store, maximizing product visibility and making it easier for customers to navigate the space. Our system racks are durable, sturdy and made of high quality materials, providing a long-lasting and reliable display of your goods.

Store shelving production is our passion, backed by years of experience and work to improve our products and services. Our products can be found in small domestic stores in Poland, as well as in major retail chains, where they furnish, among others. Grocery, clothing, electronics, household appliances or gardening departments.

Your store furniture in one place

  • We are a leading manufacturer of store furniture, offering a wide range of customized products. Our wire store furniture is a guarantee of durability and functionality.
  • With many years of experience as a manufacturer of store shelving, we provide the highest quality products that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Custom metal store shelving

  • As an experienced manufacturer of store shelving, we offer metal store shelving that will fit perfectly into any store interior.
  • Our display racks are manufactured from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing their durability and aesthetics.

Manufacturer of store equipment

Manufacturer of store shelving

Production of store shelving:

As a manufacturer of shopping carts and shelving, we produce:

Metal shelving and other customized products

Manufacturer of shopping baskets – we produce:

Your store furniture manufacturer

Producing store furniture and equipment for stores from metal or wire, we have many machines designed for this type of production. It is worth mentioning that in this connection we have the opportunity to provide additional services thanks to our machines, such as multi-point template welding and welding of metal products by TIG and MIG methods with the use of a welding robot, electrostatic coating (in a wide range of colors), laser cutting of metal, cutting and bending of pipes and profiles, drawing and straightening of wires, as well as extrusion of large series elements on eccentric presses.

We focus on continuous development, constantly investing in the latest technologies, resulting in a modern, complete machinery park – the hallmark of our company. The automated production line for the production of store shelves and other store equipment ensures our products are of the highest quality, aesthetic finish, repeatability of shapes and guarantees recognition among customers.

Our offer is characterized by high quality customized products at a relatively low and competitive price.

Are you looking for proven product display systems or a contractor for an unusual job? We invite you to visit our headquarters in Brzzy and contact Roland.

Kosz wsypowy na polpaletę z drzwiczkami

Why choose Roland 1 metal shelving?

Choosing the right shelving is a key element in planning and organizing a store. Metal shelving manufactured by Roland 1 offers many advantages and makes it an excellent choice for various types of small and large-format stores:

  1. Durability and Durability. Roland 1 metal racks are very durable and can withstand heavy loads. They are resistant to impacts and other forms of damage, making them ideal for more intensive use in the store.
  2. Ease of cleaning. Metal is relatively easy to clean and maintain, which is important for maintaining hygiene and product presentation in the store.
  3. Versatility. Store metal shelving from Roland is custom-made and available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of your store. They can also be easily repositioned thanks to the included casters.
  4. Aesthetics. Metal shelving has a modern and professional appearance that can improve the aesthetics of the store and does not distract the customer.
  5. Long life. Metal shelving is resistant to a number of factors, such as moisture, mold and pests, which translates into its longevity.
  6. Safety. The metal is non-flammable, which can help improve the fire safety of the store.
  7. Space Optimization. Metal shelving allows efficient use of store space, allowing you to store a large amount of goods in a small area.

Choosing metal shelving is an important investment for your store or warehouse that will benefit you for years to come. With their durability, functionality and aesthetics, shelving units from Roland 1 can become an invaluable aid to your business.

Machine park

3D wire bending machines up to ø 10mm

Prościarki do drutu - prostowanie drutu

Straightening machines for straightening wire up to ø 10mm

Stencil welding machine

Roland 1 - trusted manufacturer of store furniture

In any industry where first impressions are key, Roland 1 stands out as an experienced manufacturer of store furniture. Our offer is not only standard furniture for storesbut also furniture production by special order. Each implementation of is a chance for us to showcase the craftsmanship and quality that fits the needs of our clients.

In our showroom you will find a wide range of furniture – store counters or furniture for grocery stores, which combine functionality and aesthetics. For the fashion industry, we offer elegant display stands and store shelves, and for the jewelry sector, we offer exclusive jewelry furniture and display cases. Our store furniture directly from the manufacturer is a guarantee of the highest quality store furniture.

We specialize in custom furniture, creating spaces that are both practical and memorable. For clothing stores, we offer wall-mounted solutions that maximize display space. We make store furniture only from the best materials.

For customers looking for mobile and modular solutions, our furniture systems are ideal. We have created a collection of store furniture that responds to the dynamic changes in the retail industry. Our designers work with clients to create visualizations and furniture designs that are not only of the highest quality, but also customized and dedicated to the specifics of the business.

Producent mebli sklepowych
Producent mebli sklepowych

Store furniture - custom manufacturing

We are proud to say that through our hard work and commitment to the business, we have managed to establish a modern production facility. We are a specialized partner that can offer complex furniture systems. Our asset is the use of the best materials and new technologies.

Our assumptions are not only attention to detail, but also to ensure optimal conditions for the project. We provide expert advice and support at every stage – from design to installation. Whether you need equipment for a jewelry store, grocery store or shoe store, our solutions are the best available on the market.

Roland 1 is synonymous with the highest quality store furniture, which is part of our passion for creating beautiful and functional retail spaces. When you choose us, you are choosing furniture boards and structures that are tailored to the needs of your business. We are dedicated to ensuring that each implementation reflects your goals and vision.